This biography is also available in Dutch and Esperanto

Anneke Buys

Anneke Buys was born in 1945 in Leyden. As a teenager she begins to write and to make ornaments and small figures of clay, stone and pieces of wood. This stops when she begins working, first at the post office and later on as an au pair in Germany.

Since 1983 Anneke writes poetry again, but also articles and reviews in Dutch, English and Esperanto. The poems usually don’t rhyme , they are concerned with both the world around her and that within her. She publishes three chapbooks: Groei in millimeters (growth in Millimetres) (1984) Breuklijnen (Lines of fracture) (1985) and Droomwereld (Dreamworld) (1993). Her poetry collection in Esperanto, Reve kaj reale (Dreamed and real) appears with Impeto in Moscow (2006).

Anneke publishes poems and reviews in literary magazines in The Netherlands, the USA, Brazil, Scotland, Taiwan and Japan. Translations were made into Chinese and Japanese.

In the course of time Anneke wins a number of poetry contests, among which two for the best poem by a local poet in the summer contests of cultural centre Markant (2001 and 2003.) In 1988 she participates in the Asian Poetry Congress in Taichung, Taiwan, afterwards staying for two weeks as a guest of the Bahá’í community in a number of towns.

In 2005 Anneke is invited to the international Poetry Festival in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, afterwards she is the guest of Bahá’ís and esperantists in South Taiwan who show her much of their country. She meets Ruba-Ruba, a woman of the Rukai tribe who invites her to come and stay in her traditional stone house. Anneke returns in 2007 for a four week visit to Taiwan and spends a few days with Ruba-Ruba.

Since the summer of 1986 Anneke is the treasurer of BAFA (Bahá’í Association for Arts) which she co-founded. In December 2003 she attends the Bahá’í winter Academy in De Poort, Groesbeek, and in three days sculpts a soap stone figure and she falls in love with the material. Up to now Anneke participated in a number of local courses and since autumn 2006 she is a member of De Pretentielozen (Without Pretences), an association of amateur artists that rents a workshop in an old school. Members come to paint, sculpt, cut wood and make ceramics. Anneke works here one morning a week and learns much both from the course teacher and her fellow sculptors.

Anneke sculpts mainly organic shapes, animal figures and ornaments. Many of them are small enough to be used in doll’s houses.

Anneke looks forward to new experiences in the creative field and in that of Reiki which she has practised since 2005 and that takes her annually to Bosnia with Reiki Wereldwijd for the treatment of traumatised persons. In 2008 Anneke learned metamorphosis therapy.